As I said in the page about RomanoRender, I've decided to start writing a new offline pathtracer with everything I've learned making the previous one. You can find the project on Github, and I'm working on it as a side project.

There is currently not a lot of features, since it's pretty new. I use Embree for the building/intersections, and I'm working on the implementation of Open Shading Language (OSL) to do the shading. I plan on adding a lot of features, and hopefully this time making a powerful yet simple renderer that some artists could use one day.

I think about making articles on different things I've implemented, and starting with OSL as there is not a lot of documentation for it on the net.

Stay tuned for more !
Here are a short video of how the renderer currently looks, only diffuse bxdf has been implemented in osl, and a little image of the very first osl shader running !
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